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What's new for the 2019 SeaSucker Talon 


The 2019 SeaSucker Talon includes the following:    

  • HUSKE Universal Fork Mount Base -  It can accommodate QR 9 mm x 100 mm, TA 12 mm x 100 mm, 15 mm x 100 mm & 15 mm x 110 mm front wheels by inter-changing Plugs
  • HUSKE QR Plugs & Skewer  - The 2019 Talon includes the HUSKE QR Plugs & skewer as standard. For bikes with QR Front Wheels
  • 2 Year Warranty - All SeaSucker Down Under sold Talon Bike Racks come with a 2 year warranty.  
  • Revised 152 mm Vacuum Mounts - Larger release tab, vacuum pad with rounded "O" ring, improves holding time & strength.
  • Spare 152 mm Vacuum Mount - Think of it as a spare tyre in case one vacuum mount is accidentally damaged.
  • Tools - Allen Key & Ring Spanner is included to install the fork mounts.
  • Crank Arm Strap -  One 280 mm x 19 mm double-sided Velcro strap to secure the crank arms. Check out our Customer's Cars.
  • Alum. Spray Bottle & Micro-Fibre Cloth - Only at SeaSucker Down Under. Fill with water, clean your car and the pads & moisten them prior to use.
  • Redesigned vacuum pumps with impregnated red indicator bands - Prevents fading of the indicator band.
  • Moulded rear wheel housing - Eliminates sideways movement. Double-sided Velcro secures the rear wheel. 


The SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack

The SeaSucker Talon is our go anywhere single bike rack; use it on almost any car with ease. It’s small enough to be taken on board a plane as carry on board luggage. That's ideal for cycling holidays when hiring a car at your destination. 


The SeaSucker Talon can be installed in under two minutes and removed in seconds; no tools required. Its ultra-low profile minimizes wind noise and provides more clearance to fit under carports and garages. It fits easily inside the boot of your car when not in use.


The SeaSucker Talon is a 1 bike fork-mounted bike rack and uses our incredibly strong 152 mm vacuum mounts each rated to 90 kg direct pull strength. Secure your bike to the roof of your car without the hassle of a permanent bike rack. It can also be mounted on your boot, rear window or your SUV’s back glass. The SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts are non-marking, UV and weather resistant, and hold exceptionally well to glass, metal or fibreglass surfaces. 

The 19 mm High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) “L” shaped body conforms to your car’s roof-line. The


SeaSucker Talon has three 152 mm SeaSucker vacuum mounts secured to the main boardwith marine-grade stainless steel hardware. Packing a combined direct pull strength of 360 kg the SeaSucker Talon has plenty of muscle and in-built redundancy.


Included in the kit is one Rear Wheel Strap (152 mm SeaSucker Vacuum Mount with moulded housing and double-sided Velcro strap). It secures your bike’s rear wheel and keeps it from sliding left or right. 


The SeaSucker Talon comes with one non-lockable quick release fork mount; once adjusted you can release and secure your bike in seconds. Some minor assembly is required. The supplied tools are: Allen/hex Key; and a 7/16″ spanner.

SeaSucker Talon - Single Bike Rack

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AU$539.00 Regular Price
AU$499.00Sale Price
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