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Cinturato™ SmarTUBE is the cycling inner tube designed for gravel, adventure and endurance. The tube provides all the benefits of the innovative TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and thanks to a specific formulation delivers the best performances for those who are looking for superior puncture resistance with low weight and compact size.

Cinturato™ SmarTUBE is a one-of-a-kind inner tube: reduced weight and compact with an unparalleled puncture protection when compared to standard butyl inner tubes.

The ultimate solution for the cyclists that take on long travels and explore remote lands, the low weight and compact size are crucial when packing water, food and extra clothing.

Reliability: The outstanding resistance against cuts and punctures of Cinturato™ SmarTUBE is the result of a specific formulation which is different from the road-specific P ZERO™ SmarTUBE, the goal was to obtain the highest protection possible without affecting weight and compactness

TPU: The replacement of butyl with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) gives the Cinturato™ SmarTUBE its unique features, a technical innovation that redefines the concept of inner tubes, both for everyday use and as a spare tube

Innovation: Cinturato™ SmarTUBE is great for those who travel and explore the world on their bikes. It saves space and weight leaving room for water, food and extra clothing. The best companion of adventurers

Valve Type: Presta valve, black

Cinturato™ SmarTUBE700 X 28-35c70g60mm Presta, Black TPU, reinforcedDisc & rim brakes
Cinturato™ SmarTUBE700 x 33-45c49g60mm Presta, Black TPUDisc & rim brakes
Cinturato™ SmarTUBE700 x 35-45c110g60mm Presta, Black TPU, reinforcedDisc & rim brakes
Cinturato™ SmarTUBE650b x 40-45c45g60mm Presta, Black TPUDisc & rim brakes




SKU: 4094600
  • 1 year - Customer is responsible for returning the faulty item to Fix N Ride

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