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Fix N Ride Custom Wheelset for Road, Gravel and Mountain Bike. They are all painstaikingly assembled here in Australia from high quality carbon rims, Sapim CX-Ray spokes and your choice of hubs like DR Swiss Hope or Chris King. 


For 700c Road Rim:                                                        

  • External Width: 30mm
  • Internal Width: 21mm                                                    
  • Depth: 35mm or 45mm or 68mm
  • Spoke count: 16-32H       
  • Rider weight limit: 120KG
  • Max tire pressure: 125PSI
  • Max spoke tension: 140KGF


For 700c Gravel Rim:

  • Outer Width: 30mm
  • Inner Width: 24mm  
  • Depth: 35mm

  • Offset: 2.8mm

  • Spoke count: 16-32H

  • Rider weight limit: 120KG

  • Max spoke tension: 140KGF

  • Max tire pressure: 65PSI


Carbon rims manufactured by filament winding machine and applied with yellow color high temp resin. The advanced manufacture tech and layup design make filament wound series more superior than other carbon rims.


Save yourself some cash and get these beautifullly built wheels!

FixN Ride Custom Made Wheels

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